Roof Maintenance Programs:

The greatest single cause of roof failure is the lack of any type of regular maintenance program.

Clogged drains, cracked masonry, sun-baked dried-out roof membranes, broken or open flashing joints, loose metal flashing trim, improperly installed roof-top equipment, damage from roof-top traffic. These are the major causes of roof leaks.

In order to prevent these types of problems and maximize your roof investment, a regular roof maintenance program is a must!

We offer a partnership with owners who share our belief that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If a new roof is absolutely needed, we will tell you. But…

More likely than not, one of our custom tailored Maintenance Programs can forestall premature roof failure and delay the cost of replacement.

Call us to discuss a program to minimize your roof expense and maximize your roof investment.